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House Cleaning Services

Our experienced team at Housekeeper help has been serving Westchester County in the cleaning service industry for more than 20 years.

For all of your Home cleaning needs.

Perfectly Clean came to be two generations ago, first as a family business, and is now a professional cleaning services business. We are flexible and will adjust our schedule according to your own and also promise to take great care of your possessions.

We have good references available upon request.
Our residential cleaning services consist of cleaning most any kind of building, from apartments/condos to houses. We also clean one’s vacation home(s) and one’s house before or after moving in or out. Our commercial cleaning services clean office buildings, workplaces, stores, and even construction sites.

We will surpass your cleaning needs whether we are cleaning your bedroom, bathroom, living room, or any other room in your residence. We also offer certain cleaning proficiency for hard-to-reach areas such as stair and ceiling fixtures for both residential and commercial cleanings. Our honorable record as punctual and trustworthy is our pride and joy. Because of our respect towards both the building and your schedule, we promise you that we can be trusted.

Our Services


Home Organization

Organization is the key for having a neat and well-maintained home. Perfectly Clean will be sure to make your home look neat.

We don’t only provide you with services such as “Residential Cleaning,” which includes scrubbing and dusting among other chores; we can also help you organize and rearrange your home so it looks flawless.


Commercial Cleaning

A clean and professional-looking workplace serves to increase workers’ efficiency and attractive to its customers. Perfectly Clean offers commercial cleaning to make your office healthy and desirable to work in, so your employees can keep themselves busy with more important work, but still be able to work in a peaceful, organized, and clean environment.


Residential Cleaning

A family, whether made up of one person, a single couple, or a slew of adults and children combined, most likely wants to live in comfort and good health.
Housekeeper Help residential cleaning will ensure that your home is always tidy and sanitary. From bedrooms to foyers to bathrooms, we will keep your household looking spick-and-span, as well as organized.


Post Construction

After a construction takes place in your home or workplace, you will need someone to clean up after the construction workers in the event their company has not already taken care of this.
Perfectly Clean is the answer to your needs. We can clean up after any construction, whether if you are simply getting a building painted and need the chips left behind cleaned up, 

More Service Available

  1. IN ALL THE ROOMS:  Our prices are highly competitive in Wetchester County, New York. Not only are our cleaning services for bedrooms one of the best around, but we are also one of the most reliable.
  2. IN THE KITCHEN:  Our kitchen-cleaning employees are dependable and they will thoroughly clean your kitchen from corner to corner. Our exceptional cleaning services and our low prices will sure amaze you!
  3. IN YOUR BATHROOMS:  The key to a healthy workspace or home for you and your family is sanitation. With Perfectly Clean’s services, your bathroom will be clean and healthy in no time. We clean most everything in a restroom to be sure to eliminate any harmful germs and bacteria.


We are proud to introduce the use of organic products in our cleaning services, (upon request). Organic products are ones made without harmful chemicals, unlike alternative cleaning products, and therefore will not harm the environment when washed into bodies of water or accidentally consumed by wildlife.

Our world’s resources are not infinite, so we need to try and keep it clean and healthy, or else the remaining resources will render themselves useless. The use of organic cleaning products is Housekeeper Help's own, small way to keep the environment healthy and thriving.


Please read below a few testimonials about our work

Perfectly Clean team have been cleaning our home for over 6 years. They are wonderful!
I have often come home to find them cleaning everything, from the tops of shelves and behind heavy cabinets or other hard to get to places. They really make our home shine, despite the fact that we have multiple pets, which often make it hard to keep it clean.

They are honest, hard-working, reliable, and cheerful, and our home is now a cleaner place to live in because of them.  It's a terrific feeling to know that I can completely trust them and that my home will truly be clean after they've been there.

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